El formuler F3 es un nuevo Full HD (1080p) receptor digital Linux Enigma E2 con un procesador rápido y potente de doble núcleo 742 MHz. Además formuler F3 tiene una memoria de 512 MB y una memoria flash de 256 MB.

El F3 formuler es un nuevo Full HD (1080p) receptor digital Linux Enigma E2 con un procesador de doble núcleo rápido y potente 742 MHz. Además formuler F3 tiene una memoria de 512 MB y una memoria flash de 256 MB.
Cuando se utiliza un disco duro (externo) a través de USB, la formuler F3 también cambia una vez en un receptor multimedia cierto con funcionalidad PVR, que permite la grabación simultánea de un canal y ver otro canal no es ningún problema.
También puede pasar a través de los canales para formuler F3 iOS o Android. Al hacer uso de varios plugins que se instalan en la F3 formuler, puede crear una experiencia completamente interactiva: Youtube y HbbTV (uizending perdido) son algunos ejemplos.
El F3 formuler está equipado con una red 10/100 Base. WLAN a través de un dongle Wi-Fi gratuita.
Por defecto, formuler receptor F3 equipada con un sintonizador DVB-S2 fijo.
Via lector de tarjetas SD, puede ver fácilmente las fotos. El lector de tarjetas SD se encuentra en la parte posterior del receptor, como un lector de tarjetas inteligentes y una ranura CI.
El F3 formuler es económico utilizar; en modo de espera utilizando F3 formuler menos de 0.5W.

formuler 3

Formuler is a new brand of Enigma based receivers. Formuler takes inspiration  from the Motorsport series Formula One for their receivers. They currently offer a single Tuner receiver called F3.

formuler f3 satellite receiver review

Formuler F3, design and connectivity

Formuler F3 is a single tuner receiver which comes equipped with a DVB-S2 tuner. Suggested retail price of the F3 is 159 Euro.

Key Features on the Formuler F3
  • Broadcom BCM 7362
  • 751 MHz
  • 512 Ram / 256 Flash
  • 1 card reader
  • 1 ci slot
  • Two USB 2.0 Host ports and SD card slot (for Video file Playback & MP3 Player & JPEG Viewer)
  • 10/100 Base Tx Ethernet port

The Formuler F3 is a compact receiver and in traditional black design which is only interrupted by the 4 character alpha numeric display. Not a high end display but we would not expect that on lower end receiver like the F3.



Apart from a standby button which is placed discretely on the side you need the included remote control.


All the options for receving pay tv are on the back where we find an internal card reader along with a common interface slot. That is probably plenty for most people.

On the back we find these connections:
  • 1 x  LNB in
  • Optical digital audio out
  • HDMI
  • Ethernet port
  • 2 x USB
  • SD card reader
  • Serial RS-232 port
  • Power connector
  • AV/out (cable not included)

The SD Card reader is a nice addon but perhaps a bit inconvenient placed on the rear.


The Formuler F3 is delivered with:
  • Power adapter
  • Remote with batteries included
  • HDMI cable

Here is a unboxing video made by a third party

The Formuler F3 Remote


The included remote does not look or feel high end but it does fit quite nicely in the hand with the buttons sensibly positioned. Most buttons are reasonably sized.

Installation and Image support

The Formuler F3 came with software preinstalled from the German Team hdmedia-universe.com  (HDMU). You also can use OpenATV Image available here

Both images are of course Enigma variants and more options are coming Formuler tells us.

What Image you choose is pretty much a matter of personal taste.

Here are some screen shots from the HDMU image


Daily use

Booting speed

Formuler F3 is not a high end receiver but still very fast. Booting takes only 38 seconds which is very good.

Boot leaderboard

Picture/tuner quality, zapping speed

Channel zapping is very fast and you can of course play around with the on screen graphics look by downloading and changing skins. We also have no complaints about picture quality.

PVR and Multimedia playback

You need to add an external USB 2.0 storage device to add the option of recording tv on this receiver. With only 1 tuner you are limited to recording from one transponder at a time. HBB TV is not yet supported but Formuler tells us that it planned sometime in the future.

Like most Engima based receivers the Formular F3 serves well as a media player, playing video, music stored on the box hard drive or your home network. Do not expect every file format out there to be supported. But common file formats are handled pretty well.

Formuler F3 Review Conclusion

The Formuler F3 packs everything nicely into a small receiver. You get both internal card reader and CI option and it seems both stable and very fast for what is not a high end and pricey receiver.

The SD card reader is also a nice bonus for a receiver in this price range


Comments (2)

    • rafael
    • 2017-04-10 21:20:27
    Hola!! que tengo que hacer para comprar un decodificador formuler 3?? Gracias... Un saludo
    • padredefamilia.com
    • 2017-05-17 20:21:54
    Hola, Rafael: Puede hacer el pedido a través de la web (https://padredefamilia.com/recomendados-enigma2/612-formuler-f3) o puede llamar a nuestro teléfono para pedidos 915266582. Si tiene cualquier pregunta no dude en consultarnos a través de nuestro formulario de contacto http://padredefamilia.com/contacto Un saludo

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