Modulador Edision DVB-T HD COFDM con entrada HDMI y Filtro LTE

Modulador Edision DVB-T HD COFDM con entrada HDMI y Filtro LTE

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HDMI Modulator single DVB-T


► DVB-T standard Compliant ► 3-Processor System W/Host: CPU: 200MHz 32Bits RISC/ Security Processor: 200MHz 32Bits/ Audio Processor: 200MHz 32Bits ► High Video Resolution (up to 1080P@30FPS) ► Symbol rate up to 31.668MBPS ► Fast USB upgrade (less than 15s, depending on file size) ► CONFIG DATA function (USB extract, Upload to Modulator) ► Frequency Range: VHF III(174~233MHZ), UHF (470~858MHZ, 470~790 ΜΗΖ, with LTE ΟΝ) ► M.E.R. more than 35dB ► RF LOOP THROUGH: 50MHZ~2400MHZ ► 4G - LTE (Long Term Evolution) Filtering switch ON-OFF ► Modern OLED display 128X32 dots ► Slim housing (164x106x41 mm) ► Low power consumption

HARDWARE Technical characteristics ENCODER Processor ► Host CPU: 200MHZ 32Bits RISC, Security Processor : 200Mhz 32Bits, Audio Processor: 200MHZ 32Bits Memory ► RAM DDRII 16bit 512Mbitsx1 (Embedded) ► Flash NOR Flash 32Mbit x 1 Video ► Video encoder: ISO/IEC 11172-2 MPEG1, ISO/IEC 13818-2 MPEG2 MP@HL, ISO/IEC 14496 MPEG4 compliant Support SP@L3 to ASP@L5, ISO/IEC, 14496-10 AVC, HP@level 4.1, MP@level 4.1, H.263 profile 0, JPEG base-line, progressive. ► Aspect Ratio: 16:9 wide screen, 4:3 letter box, 4:3 pan scan, support AFD(DTG, MingDTG) ► Resolution: 1080i,up to 1080p@30FPS Audio ► Audio encoder: MPEGI layer1/2, MPEGII Layer II AAC LC, HE-AAC v1/V2 (2-CH) MODULATION ► Output frequency range: 174~233MHZ (VHF III), 470 - 858 / 790 LTE-ON MHz (UHF) ► Output impedance: 50 [Ω] ► Input impedance (Loop to Output): 50 [Ω] ► Forward Error Correction (FEC): 1/2,2/3,3/4, 5/6, 7/8 ► Guard Interval: 1/4,1/8,1/16,1/32 ► Constellation: QPSK,16QAM,64QAM ► RF Output Level: Default 90 dbμV, up to +6dbμV (in +2dbμV steps) or down to -14dbμV (in -2dbμV steps) ► Bandwidth: 7MHZ(VHF),8MHZ(UHF) ► FFT: 2K,8K ► Reed Solomon: 202,188,T=8 ► Symbol rate: up to 31.668 MBPS ► MER: More than 35db TOP SIDE ► RF Input (LOOP to Output): Impedance:50 Ohm Input type: F-type female ► RF Output: Impedance: 50 Ohm Output type: F-type female ► USB Connector (software upgrade): 1 ► 4G - LTE (Long Term Evolution) Filtering switch: ON/OFF ► HDMI Input: 1, High Definition Media Interface HDMI V1.4a ► USB Connector: 1, Type: Host 2.0 ► Power DC Input Connector: X1 DC(12V, 2A) FRONT PANEL Operation display ► Display: 128x32 dots OLED Display (IIC or SPI communication protocol) LED Indicator ► Power & work state LED: POWER/LOCKED/SIGNAL Indicator Buttons ► Tact switch X6(UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT,MENU,OK: Set Output channel/FEC/CONSTELLATION/FFT/Channel Name etc. Power supply ► Power supply unit type: Adapter Input:100~240V AC,Output:DC 12V/2.0A ► Power consumption in normal working mode: < 10W Mechanical ► Dimensions: 164(W)X106(D)X41(H)mm ► Material and structure: Metal cabinet and 2 layers PCB structure, with heat dispersion outlets SOFTWARE Technical Characteristics ADJUSTABLE FUNCTIONS ► Program name ► Output Frequency: VHF:174~233MHz:UHF:470~858 MHz, 470-790 ΜΗΖ LTE-ON ► RF output level:Default 90 dbμV, up to +6dbμV (in +2dbμV steps) or down to -14dbμV (in -2dbμV steps). ► FEC: 1/2,2/3,3/4,5/6,7/8 ► Constellation: QPSK,16QAM,64QAM ► FFT: 2K,8K ► Guard Interval: 1/4,1/8,1/16,1/32 ► Logical Channel Number ► 6 buttons(Left/Right/Up/Down/OK/Lock): Adjust Output Channel(Frequency)/FEC/Constellation/FFT/Program Name etc. ► Display setup text messages on OLED: Channel name, Network Name, Program number and above parameters ► Bandwidth: 7MHz(VHF), 8MHz(UHF) ► Audio bit rate ► Video bit rate ► Audio Format ► Audio PID ► Video PID ► PMT PID SOFTWARE UPGRADE ► USB: Upgrade Time < 20S, according to the size of the upgrade file ► CONFIG DATA function (USB extract, Upload to Modulator) SYSTEM SETTINGS ► Factory reset ► System version ► System Boot time: Total:< 20 Seconds ► Default setting: SID,PID,Video resolution,etc. T

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