Receptor de satélite Formuler F4 Turbo

Receptor de satélite Formuler F4 Turbo

Revolutionize your TV viewing experience

As broadcast technologies become more advanced, you will never be left behind with the Formuler F4 Turbo.

The F4 Turbo gives you faster image and video processing along with Advanced Video Coding support with its next-generation Broadcom chipset.

This world-class decoding technology allows you to watch High Definition broadcasts faster and with more stability than ever before.


In comparison to AVC, H.265 offers about double the data

compression ratio at the same level of video quality.

Formuler F4 Turbo LINUX ENIGMA2 WIFI

Formuler F4 Turbo LINUX ENIGMA2 WIFI

Slim & Elegant Design

​Innovative design patterns

Formuler F4 Turbo was designed with a sleek and innovative design patterns front window

This conservative yet upscale design accent will bring a modern flair and shine wherever it is installed.

Appreciate the delicate detail that the unique and attractive pattern design provides, only with Formuler F4 Turbo.

All the programming your TV can handle.

You can watch all your favorite channels with Formuler F4 Turbo regardless of the broadcast medium.

Viewing Satellite, Terrestrial, Cable, and Internet programming is all possible with the F4 Turbo.
Thousands Full HD channels and content are waiting for you.  

Movies, sports, kids shows, educational programming, music concerts and more.  The possibilities are endless.

More, Faster, Better

All Formuler F-Series products are based on state of the art SoCs from Broadcom.  Our specially tuned hardware platforms allow users to achieve turbocharged performance levels unheard of in competing products at the same price point.  Formuler F-Series software is specially optimized to be easy-to-use with zero-lag interaction.  The open-platform firmware is designed to be extensible in every way imaginable so users can enjoy various plugin apps like Youtube and Internet Radio.

Advanced Pluggable Tuner 

F4 Turbo indicates pluggable tuner system with the availability of using DVB tuner so your choice of watching TV will be even more fulfilling.

Massive storage

up to 32GB micro SD Support

Load up your micro SD card with multimedia content and 

enjoy playing it back on the Formuler F4 Turbo with the included micro SD Card Slot.
The memory card slot can support up to 32GB micro SD media.

High Quality Remote Control

The Formuler F-Series RCU combines high-quality button-based input with positive tactile feedback for more dynamic and natural interaction with the user interface.  

The specially designed RCU fits naturally in the hand and the buttons are placed for optimal comfort and usability.

Low-power process and architecture

At Formuler we are concerned about conservation of the environment and reducing CO2 emissions.  

All Formuler set top boxes are designed with low-power architectures to consume the least amount of energy.

VESA Mount TV Bracket

Mount your F4 Turbo STB to the back of your TV.

The bracket is easy to install to all TV VESA mounting.

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